PALIoT Solutions

Creating cleaner, safer, hyperconnected global supply chains via pallet design innovation, next generation IoT and on-demand customer data analytics.


PALIoT Solutions will manufacture and pool pallets around the world to support our customers’ global operations. Pallets will be available in the right size and specification for each region, each of them equipped with a proprietary IoT sensor with distinct communication protocols but a common cloud-based-platform and customer interface.


PALIoT intends to be to be the first verified, carbon neutral pallet pooler in the world. PALIoT will achieve this goal by combining a regional manufacturing base with local wash and re-distribution hubs, manufacturing and managing lightweight, edge-rackable pallets. PALIoT will reduce the miles travelled when empty pallets are delivered to customers and will minimize the backhaul miles together with a light-weight asset, all verifiably tracked with PALIoT technology.


The heart of the PALIoT Mission is the re-use, recyclability, and limited repair of the physical pallet. The PALIoT pooling solution has factored this into our pallet so as to contribute in a meaningfully positive way to the goals of less waste, less energy squandered moving pallets around and less man-hours required to manage the assets. The PALIoT solution will result in complete supply chain transparency and an early example of the “Circular Economy” in action.

About us

PALIoT was conceived by a team with decades of experience in manufacturing, pooling, finance and technology who identified an urgent need to upgrade the 100-year-old technology currently constraining global supply chains – The wooden shipping pallet. With superior design and advanced IoT technology, PALIoT is offering a unique pallet shipping platform to customers in the fresh produce, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries which will solve many of their most pressing and costly supply chain problems.

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